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VBOX Video HD2

Our most sophisticated race car video data logger yet, VBOX Video HD2 features 1080p video, real-time synchronized video and data with graphical overlay.

  • Dual-camera input with live preview
  • 1080p 30 fps HD video
  • Real-time HD graphic overlay
  • Up to 80 CAN channels
  • HDMI for live video streaming


Two Camera Inputs

2 HD Camera Inputs

Two waterproof cameras capture high-definition video at 30 frames per second, and their output is seamlessly synchronized with the 25 Hz GNSS data.

Graphic Overlay

Real-time Graphics

Customizable real-time graphics, including gauges, bar graphs, circuit plots, lap times, and text.

Predictive Lap Timing

The optional OLED display gives accurate, real-time lap comparison between your current and your fastest lap time.

CAN Bus Input

Free Analysis Software

Powerful yet intuitive Circuit Tools analysis software

CAN Bus Input

VBOX Video HD2 is compatible with any dash or ECU that outputs CAN so you can log up to 80 channels of vehicle CAN data, such as throttle angle, RPM, or brake pressure.

Power Backup

Power Backup

Internal power backup ensures that no data loss or corruption occurs should power be lost during recording.

HDMI for Live Streaming

VBOX Video HD2 is available with an HDMI option allowing you to stream real-time video and audio to an HDMI compatible monitor, recorder or streaming device such as LiveU Solo.

VBOX Video HDMI (RLVBVDHD2-H) can be used to give live coverage of motorsport events for TV or social media, provide race teams with the ability to give instant driver feedback, or act as a rear-view camera.

The system comes with an HDMI port and locking pin to make sure our custom cable has a secure connection and will only run with the latest version of HD2 firmware (1.3.76 and higher) and setup software (1.4.259 and higher).

Real-time Graphic Overlay

RACELOGIC's range of in-car camera systems are fully synchronized and embed a real-time graphical overlay on your video, allowing you to instantly analyze your performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.

The overlays can display speed, track position, lap times, and other crucial metrics, which are invaluable for drivers seeking to improve performance or teams needing detailed post-race analytics.

Screen elements:

Track map - Dedicated Porsche Carrera Cup dash element with speed, lap times, brake and throttle gauges - Picture-in-picture

Screen elements:

Track map - Tire temperature heat maps - Lap timing - Brake & throttle gauges - Speedometer - Rev meter - Picture-in-picture

Screen elements:

Track map - Picture-in-picture - Logo - Lap times (fastest/last/current) - Speedometer - Rev meter

Screen elements:

Track map - Logo - Lap counter - Lap times - Picture-in-picture - Speed - G-force

Powerful Analysis Software

Circuit Tools analysis software is aimed at drivers and is quick and simple to use. The software is designed to automate many tasks and present a driver with the information required to improve lap times.

Circuit Tools is now compatible with Windows, macOS and iOS devices.

Would you like to try Circuit Tools at home?
Watch this video and download the accompanying video and data files for replay in Circuit Tools.

Fastest Lap Filter

This feature is unique to Circuit Tools

The fastest lap from your latest session is automatically chosen and displayed on the graph window. The video is moved to the start of this lap.

You can compare runs from this session, or from different days, drivers or sessions simply by importing them and clicking on the relevant lap time shown in the session window.

Logged Channels

The data window displays the values of the channels which have been logged at the position of the graph cursor. By default, Speed and Delta-T are displayed.

Side By Side Video

Watch the data-synchronised 1080p video side by side in slow motion to see the lines taken by each driver. You can move the video one sample at a time with a simple key combination.

Auto Track Map and Position

(Within the AiM dash overlay)
The software automatically detects the country, circuit and track configuration from a database of over 600 circuits and uses the start/finish line information to separate the laps contained in your recorded file. It also shows your position on track as you go through the data.

Delta-Time Trace

Time difference or 'Delta-T' is a very useful channel that shows the lap time difference between two different laps, e.g. your last vs. your fastest lap or your best vs. another drivers lap. Use this to pin-point areas for improvement.

More Features

Live Preview for Camera Alignment

High Accuracy Data

The 25 Hz GNSS receiver provides parameters such as circuit position, lap timing and speed accurate to ±0.1 km/h.

Made in Britain

VBOX products are designed and manufactured in the UK. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, ensuring top-notch quality in every aspect of our products.



Log your heart rate via the TICKR Heart Rate Monitor or OBD car data and display it on the video.
Free Video Editing Software

Free Video Editing Software

Our simple-to-use video editing software, VideoSplit, helps you share laps and data with friends and on social media.

Library of free scene files

Free Scene Files

The vehicle-specific, out-of-the-box scene files come with or without CAN parameters assigned.

Predictive Lap Timing

Predictive Lap Timing gives you an invaluable insight into how your current lap time compares with your fastest lap time.

To achieve our unrivalled accuracy, we compare two different laps using GPS position rather than distance. This means our lap time stays accurate, even if the driver takes a different line each lap. Position based delta-T is also far superior on long tracks.

The OLED display is available as an accessory or as part of a Video VBOX package.

Live Preview for Camera Alignment

Our free Preview App with live output allows you to check the alignment of your cameras on your iPhone or Android Phone.

You can now set an exposure window on the camera preview, ensuring absolutely perfect video capture every time, avoiding the 'letterbox' effect that can occur on very bright days.

The Wi-Fi network that connects the HD2 to your smartphone is password protected - useful when surrounded by fellow users in the pit garage!

Enhanced Position Accuracy

The new RTK module (RLACS337) allows VBOX Video HD2 to achieve position measurement to within 2 cm, 95% of the time, a level of precision unheard of for a GNSS motorsport product.

Centimeter level positional accuracy will enable you to conduct precise surveys of racetracks, and analyze driving line consistency and lap times to a much greater detail.

How does it work?

The RTK Module (a bundle that consists of a VBOX Sigma and a communication cable for VBOX Video HD2) enhances the precision of GNSS position data by receiving additional position corrections from an RTK base station or NTRIP service provider. It is then able to transmit the enhanced position data to the VBOX Video HD2.

You will require a local base station or an NTRIP subscription to get RTK correction messages. RACELOGIC have partnered with Topcon’s Topnet Live GNSS Positioning Correction Service to offer flexible NTRIP subscription options for use in Europe. Please contact your local distributor for more information.

Intuitive Setup Software

VBOX Video HD2 Setup software allows you to configure the HD2 unit, as well as the graphical overlay. For example, you can create custom dials, include your logo, and set the second camera location.

RACELOGIC offer out-of-the-box graphical overlay templates (scenes) to use with your VBOX Video HD2. The scenes are vehicle-specific and come with or without CAN parameters assigned to them.

Lap and split-time features


Track Maps

A large track map database. Scene design also possible with auto-track map.


Footage of the 2nd camera is displayed in sync with the data.

Scene Properties

Change parameters such as log settings, video quality and CAN inputs

Total gauge design freedom

Gauges, text and bar graphs can be associated with any logged parameter.

X & Y G-force, distance, time, height, vertical velocity displayed in any format

Compatible with AiM & MoTeC

If you are running an AiM dashboard or logger, you can record the CAN data directly from it into a VBOX Video HD2. All the AiM CAN channels have been incorporated into the VBOX database so you can select the channels in HD2 setup that you want to log.

There are a significant number of parameters available for logging, including Brake Position, Brake Pressure, Fuel level, Lateral Acceleration and Steering Angle.

A physical connection is made possible with the cables RLCAB144 and RLCAB145, which will connect directly to the AiM dashboard or the AiM Smartycam connection cable.

You can connect a VBOX Video HD2 system to a MoTeC dash logger or M1 ECU via an RLCAB015L unterminated CAN cable. MoTeC customers that use current release version i2 standard or i2Pro software will be able to align HD2 video giving a 2-camera option with fully synchronized data that can be reviewed in Circuit Tools or MoTeC software.

Using this method will also allow for a single GPS antenna to be plugged into the MoTeC device which is useful to not only save weight but also for race series that only allow one GPS antenna to be installed on a car.

Add-ons and Accessories

HD2 Catalogue

US Version

All VBOX Video HD2 systems, accessories and cables in one handy brochure.

OLED Displays

The perfect addition to any Video VBOX setup allowing you to view lap times as you drive. The OLED display includes our revolutionary predictive lap timing function.

Temperature Sensors

RLACS272 or RLACS314

Record the surface temperature of your tires (RLACS272) or brake disks (RLACS314) with our infrared temperature sensor kits. The data is synchronized with the video and can be displayed as a real-time graphic overlay on the footage.

Micro Input Module

Should you wish to log vehicle signals from a car without a CAN Bus, the Micro Input Module allows you to record one frequency (RPM) and four analogue signals.

OBD Link

Capture up to 11 OBD channels via this Bluetooth module which plugs into the vehicle's OBD port and can be configured through the HD2 setup software.

Live Video Streaming


Livestream VBOX Video HD2 (HDMI) generated video from the track straight to the pits with a professional-grade wireless video encoder from LiveU Solo.

Heart Rate Monitor

Log your heart rate and display it on the video.

CAN Cables

Various options such as the unterminated CAN interface cable (RLCAB015-L), OBDII CAN cable (RLCAB069), CAN splitter cable (RLCAB081)

RTK Module


Achieve centimetre-level position accuracy with the addition of the new RTK module. Local base station or NTRIP subscription required.

Roll Cage Mounts

Solid aluminum body connected to a curved mounting plate. Bolted to the bar via supplied jubilee or worm drive hose clips.

2nd Car Accessory Kit

All accessories required for a second vehicle, allowing you to transfer the main unit between two vehicles.

Quick Release Bracket

With its quick-release catches, the RLACS258 allows for the VBOX HD2 to be mounted securely in the car but also quickly removed.

Power Supplies


For connection to in-car 12 V auxiliary or cigar lighter sockets (RLCAB010) or, if absent, for direct connection to a 12 V and GND (RLCAB014).

Remote Logging


Connect a logging switch (wired) to the HD2 to give you full control over the data logging. The RLACS237 also allows you to log to a USB stick or solid state hard drive.

Battery Pack


Useful if you cannot access the auxiliary power supply of your car or motorcycle, or if you want to avoid accidental data loss, which can happen when the unit is power cycled before the data has been transmitted.