VBOX Sport Development Portal

Posted in Performance Meters and Lap Timers

VBOX Sport offers an open and accessible communications protocol to facilitate app development.

The VBOX Sport connects to a given device via Bluetooth. Once connected, the VBOX Sport will provide data to the device in either the 'RACELOGIC Serial Stream' format or in the 'NMEA' message format, both of which are detailed below:

RACELOGIC Serial Stream

  • The 'RACELOGIC Serial Stream' format is designed to provide comprehensive information from the VBOX Sport.
  • This is the default output format of a VBOX Sport and is the generally recommended approach.
  • The RACELOGIC iOS apps such as 'Laptimer' use this format to retrieve data from the VBOX Sport.
  • Provides updates at 10 Hz


  • VBOX Sport can also output data in NMEA format. Since this is a standard well known format it may be easier for a third party to implement without need for support from RACELOGIC.
  • Now provides updates at 10 Hz
  • A firmware update and subsequent settings update is required to enable a VBOX Sport to output NMEA.


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