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Release Notes

Circuit Tools (macOS)

Compatible File Formats:
.vbo /.dbn /.vbo and associated .avi files/.vbo and associated .mp4 files

Compatible Operating Systems:
macOS 10.13 or higher required.
Please contact Support if you require a version for OS X 10.12.

To install, open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

1.5.8 (beta) – March 2024

  • Overhauled the graph so that the cursor moves on the data.
  • Position index now shown when x-axis set to position.
  • Changed cursor type. - January 2024

Bug fixes
  • Updated security certificate. - October 2023

Bug fixes
  • Increased compatibility
  • Various stability improvements
  • Issue resolved where footage stopped playing for larger data files at the point where video files changed - April 2023

  • Added support for VBOX HD Lite files.
  • Added feature to now retain user preferences across different sessions of Circuit Tools.
  • Added tool tip to now inform users on max number of channels that can be displayed on the graph.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue with track map overlay being displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue with software automatically re-arranging order in which data is sorted in the chart area.
  • Stability improvements.

v1.4.12 - May 2021
(NEW) - Support for files created in VBOX Sim
(CHANGE) - Best VMAX given from fastest lap rather than fastest overall
(CHANGE) - Channel menu now always left aligned
(FIX) - Error that could cause g values to appear incorrect depending on speed units							
(FIX) - Track database issue that could cause some layouts not to display							
(FIX) - Improved support for macOS Big Sur							
(FIX) - Stability improvements	
(FIX) - Installer no longer blocked by macOS

1.4.7 - September 2020
(FIX) - Installer no longer blocked by OS

1.4.5 - July 2020
(NEW) - 60 FPS video support
(FIX) - Host of bug fixes

1.4.1 - April 2019 
(NEW) - Warning message when "video not available"
(NEW) - Thumbnail view can be enabled/disabled 

(FIX) - Reset layout now functions on track map element. 
(FIX) - All time stamp and AVI fields that are relevant now hidden. 
(FIX) - Inconsistencies with data now repaired. 

1.3.9 - December 2018
(New) – Add new track DB v206 
(New) – Auto update feature 
(New) – running on swift language 4.2 (not relevant to customers) 
(Change) – Channel selection without refresh. 
(Change) – Hide time stamp and AVI fields. 
(Fix) – Lap split over 2 videos was causing strange behaviour at transition. 
(Fix) – No video showing or able to adjust panel size for certain files. 
(Fix) – Using VBOX Sport files. 
(Fix) – Unable to open HD2 files on CT. 
(Change) – Label on the downloader has changed – "VBOX Video" to "Circuit Tools".

1.3.6 - March 2018
(Fix) – Loading a second comparison session for a circuit with separate start and finish caused Circuit Tools to fail.
(Fix) – Data displaying but no video.
(Fix) - Space bar now plays/pauses the video from all sections.

1.3.3 - May 2017
(New) - Diagnostics mode function added to help support with any remote troubleshooting that may be required. Diagnostics mode will enhance the ability to troubleshoot any faults experienced by generating a log file to the desktop.
(Fix) - Bug fix, software crash upon file load.
(Fix) - Bug fix, sometimes the video will automatically play after loading a file.

1.3.0 - October 2016
- Fixed issue where track outline could be offset from the recorded data.
- Fixed issue where software would crash when loading laps of a track which had .CIR instead of .cir for the layout file.
- Loading a file where the video has been renamed now shows an error message instead of just a black box with no video.

1.2.8 - July 2016
- Support for 3 data channels
- Support for VBOX Video HD2 Files
- Combo-G Channel built in
- Auto resizing of the track map when CT Windows is resized
- Height separated from distance, so units can be selected independently. 
- VBO Files with commas can now be loaded.
- VBO Files from tracks not in the Racelogic Track Database no longer crash at preview stage.

1.2.1 - February 2016
- Fix error with Retina display

1.2.0 build 1 - November 2015
- Ability to load multiple files using the same track with different start finish lines. 

1.1.2 build 1 - October 2015
- Added support for OSX 10.11 'El Capitan'. 
- File Transfer Wizard will now no longer transfer phantom files from USB/SD Cards

1.0.9 build 2 - September 2015
- Resolved issues with Ideal Lap calculations. It is important to note that there can be a calculation discrepancy of 1 sample between the Windows and OSX version of Circuit Tools.
- Improved support for files that contain deviations from the race track

1.0.7 build 1 - August 2015
- Initial Release
- Supports Circuit Files only - Separate Start/Finish lines and Point to Point files will be supported in a future release.
- VBO File support only. DBN files will be supported in a future release.
- Requires OSX 10.09 or later