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Chapter 2 - Slow Corners & Hairpins

Where can I find the most lap time?

Professional Racing Driver and Coach, Nigel Greensall

With the advert of affordable, focused training aids based on video and GPS, driver training has enjoyed a surge in popularity.

In this chapter accomplished race driver and professional coach, Nigel Greensall, will help you extract every last ounce of performance from yourself as well as your car.

Nigel Greensall - "You spend more time in slow corners than in fast corners, so you can often gain most lap-time by concentrating in these areas.

To see this line in action, have a look at the image on the left, which shows my preferred line in red, and my team mates line in blue. The red line misses the apex of Turn 12 by almost 2m, but maintains the same apex speed of 105mph as the blue line which clips the apex.

Interestingly, through Turn 12 you are not quite on the limit of grip (a peak of 0.85G), so you can experiment with your lines through here without losing any speed.

This wider line is also slightly shorter, which also gives a small advantage.

The screenshot on the right shows the apex point of Turn 12, where both approaches have the same speed, 105mph. It is after this point where the reason for this wider line becomes clearer...

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