Video VBOX Waterproof


In car camera system designed for open top race cars and any environment which exposes your vehicle to showers.


Housed in a water resistant casing, Video VBOX Waterproof incorporates a flange and mounting holes to allow you to bolt the data logger anywhere on the vehicle. The sturdy aluminium casing is ideal for motorsport applications and racing environments.

  • Accurate GPS logging at 10Hz
  • 2 video camera inputs
  • 580L and 420L bullet cameras with Hirose connectors
  • 8 CAN channel inputs
  • Logs directly to SD Card / USB
  • Water resistant anodised aluminium casing
  • Predictive Lap Timing (when used with OLED display)
  • Customisable graphics
  • Stereo audio recording
  • Internal tank circuit for reliable recording
  • Powerful driving analysis software

Video VBOX Waterproof - Full technical specifications available to download as PDF.

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