DriftboxThe DriftBox is the first vehicle performance meter with the ability to measure drift angle.

A 10Hz GPS engine, coupled with sophisticated motion sensors allow you to record vehicle performance characteristics such as drift angle, g-force, speed, distance, lap & split times and acceleration.

The new Predictive Lap Timing function gives you instant driver feedback and helps you to find valuable improvements in your times.

All parameters are logged to an SD memory card ten times per second for later review and comparison.

DriftBox is small, easy to install and available in three different packages.

  • Drift analyser, performance meter, lap timer, data logger and power calculator in one box
  • Accurate GPS logging at 10Hz
  • Backlit graphic LCD display
  • Choose between 7 different screens
  • Logs directly to SD card
  • Rugged plastic enclosure
  • Predictive Lap Timing
  • Inbuilt GPS antenna
  • RPM and up to 4 analogue signals in connection with Micro Input Module

DriftBox - Full technical specifications available to download as PDF.Download PDF


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