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Mastering Corner Entry - Chapter 1 - Positioning and Braking

As you approach a corner it is very important that you get the positioning of your vehicle correct. To maximise your corner entry speed you need to use every inch of the track. If you are not right up to the edge of the track when turning in, you can be losing quite a lot of corner entry and apex speed.

Mastering Corner Entry - Chapter 2 - Tyre Friction Circle and Balance

A Tyre can give you grip in two different directions. It can give grip under braking and acceleration as well as while cornering. However, if you take too much grip out of the tyre braking or accelerating then you lose cornering ability. It works the other way too, if you are cornering too heavily you will have limited braking or accelerating opportunities, so it is important that you carefully balance the two.

Mastering Corner Entry - Chapter 3 - Where and How To Improve

How to find areas to improve from the data and then what to do with it: With the Circuit Tools analysis software we have developed a special channel that we call “ComboG” giving a very clear indication of how well you are using the maximum potential of your tyres.

Porsche Carrera Cup GB Rnd6 @Monza with on-board driver footage

Rnd 6 @Monza of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB championship with new (never seen before!) onboard HD driver footage. Get a drivers view of the action as Zamparelli dives down the inside of Elinis and Gamble crosses the line to takes the fiftieth team win for Team Parker.

Speed up the learning curve with Circuit Tools data analysis software

The objective on track is always to go faster. This video demonstrates a couple of quick examples of gaining lap time by examining braking points using the highly acclaimed driver analysis software, Circuit Tools. All footage was shot in collaboration with the National Motorsport Academy at Donington Park's National Circuit.

97 Benetton F1 laps Donington in 1.03.08

Amazing onboard HD2 footage from a 97 Benetton racer lapping Donington Park's National Circuit in just 1.03.08.

Koenigsegg Agera RS - World Speed Record Attempt - Nevada, USA

Koenigsegg Agera RS breaking the world speed record for a production vehicle on Saturday 4th November, attaining an average speed of 277.9 mph (447.2 km/h) on a (closed) public road in Nevada, USA.

Dave Evans' Radical SR3 at Silverstone

VBOX Motorsport customer Dave Evans using his VBOX Video HD2 with an AiM dashboard.

Jonathon Packer Evora GT4 @ Spa

Lotus Cup regular Jonathon Packer in the V6 series at Spa.

Racelogic's Rob Fowler at Bedford in a Formula 3000

Rob Fowler (from Racelogic's Support Team) tries his hand in Palmersport's Formula 3000 at Bedford Autodrome.

John Bowe at the Sydney 500

John Bowe battling it out at the Sydney 500 held on the Homebush Street Circuit (Sydney's Olympic Village).

Trans-Tasman Challenge, Bathurst

John Bowe takes on a 700hp Mustang from New Zealand at the stunning Bathurst raceway in the Trans-Tasman Challenge.

Setting Up and Using VBOX Video HD2

Alistair Weaver, Caterham Racing, Snetterton

BritCar 24hr at Silverstone

Ken Block at Hockenheim, Round 4 of World Rally Cross 2016 

VBOX Video 1080p footage from Guadix, Spain

Onboard VBOX HD footage from a P1 at Portimao

Enjoy a complete lap of the famous Portimao circuit onboard a McLaren P1. 

EKS use Video VBOX in their World Rallycross training>

EKS is a World Rallycross team who run Audi S1 race cars driven by Mattias Ekström and Anton Marklund - and they use Video VBOX as an integral part of their training.

John Bowe, in his 'new' Holden Torana, chasing his old Mustang

This is a right treat: our favourite Australian Touring Car Masters driver, John Bowe, in his 'new' Holden Torana, chasing his previous Mustang. View from both cars - check out the difference in engine notes (both wonderful). Many thanks to VBOX Australia for getting this for us.

VBOX Motorsport: The quickest way to go faster - Chris Hartley

Motorsport commentator, Chris Hartley, highlights the benefits of using a Video VBOX to reduce lap times.

On screen is professional racing driver and coach, Nigel Greensall, putting Circuit Tools to good use as he coaches his client Jonathon at Silverstone.

John Bowe at Winton Raceway, Queensland AU

Peter Krause at the Virginia International Raceway

John Bowe in a V8 Mustang at Bathurst, Australia

Ralf Christensen in a historic Mustang tackling Pikes Peak

Ford GT in the VLN