VBOX Video HD2

Software HD2

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 VBOX Video HD2

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 release visit the Support Centre.   

 How to upgrade?

Access this URL (1.3.59)1.3.59
 UTC Offset File  Leap second upgrade file for
 VBOX Video HD2. More info
N/A 11/2017 download icon
 OLED Display  Predictive Lap Timing Display
 firmware for use with VBOX
 1.11b0003  08/2012

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*Upgrade Information


When upgrading your unit, new firmware is not only being programmed into the recorder but also into the cameras. Make sure the cameras are connected during the first reboot and be aware that this will take approximately five times longer than usual.

Compatibility: Once updated, the latest camera code is not supported by older HD2 firmware, nor does the latest firmware support older software versions. The latest HD2 setup software must be used to ensure compatibility and to allow for the new features.

If you can't see your product in this list, please search the legacy firmware page.