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RACELOGIC have been supplying and working with Driving Experience Centres all round the world since the launch of the first VBOX Video system in 2009. We know that the two most important qualities of a video in-car system in the driving experience industry are reliability and ease of use.

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contact us for driving experience video systemsReliability

There is nothing more frustrating than losing video from a driving experience session, and we have developed a number of features and methods to minimise the risk of the customer going away empty handed, or not being able to play the video when they get home.

no driving experience video lossTank Circuit – this is an internal power backup system which won’t let the VBOX shut down until the video file has been successfully written to the USB stick or SD card.

Single All-In-One Video File – a single, MP4 format video file is produced which contains the picture from both cameras and the telemetry graphics. This video format is the most common standard available today, and can be viewed on any device without any special software required.

media resilience for driving experience applicationsMedia Resilience – we understand that many different types of SD card and USB stick are used with our products, so we go to great lengths to ensure compatibility with almost any quality of media. If the write speed of the individual stick or card is poor, the system adapts the quality of the video to suit.


Ease of use

start stop USB loggingRemote USB Logging - we offer a remote USB port with a stop/start button and recording indicator. This allows the VBOX to be mounted securely elsewhere in the vehicle, yet gives easy access to the USB stick and start/stop switch.

Video Pre-Buffer – the VBOX has a 30s video buffer, so when the start of the video is triggered (manually or when the vehicle starts moving), the video and sound from 30s beforehand is also captured.

video processing for busy driving experience centresVideo Processing Software – we supply a free software tool which scans the USB or SD card, extracts the fastest lap and exports this as a separate video clip with an adjustable length before and after the lap. This video can then be passed back to the customer, or even uploaded automatically to an online video channel, and a link emailed to the customer.
The software can handle multiple USB sticks inserted simultaneously, and saves many hours of manual processing in a busy driving experience centre.

automatic loggingAutomatic Logging – recording can be programmed to start and end above a certain speed (usually 15 km/h), with options to extend the logging before and after with an adjustable length of time.




We work with a large number of driving experience suppliers all over the world, and are happy to work closely with individual centres to deliver custom solutions such as RFID tag interfacing, automatic video uploading and help with branding.
Please contact us for further details.contact us for driving experience video systems