VBOX Sim Installer History

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1.0.45 - 20 Jan 2021

(New) Adds support for iRacing
(New) Adds support for F1 2020
(New) Auto play video after using ‘Test Video’ function
(New) Option to limit telemetry ‘listening’ to a specified sim
(Fix) F1 2019 telemetry format now supported
(Change) Includes updated version of Circuit Tools

1.0.24 - Sep 2020

- App renamed to VBOX Sim.
- Video capture device list now includes any detected video capture devices.
- User interface improvements including High DPI support.
- Network streaming feature added - can be used in conjunction with lap timing plug-in in VBOX Test Suite release 1.10 or later for live remote telemetry.
- Additional circuits added.
- Installer now includes FTDI drivers for Laptimer connectivity.
- Stability improvements for long-running sessions
- Test video function improvements.

1.0.0 - Nov 2019

Release version